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Artemis -fifth year Hufflepuff Student, Pureblood Veela, White Tiger Animagus
- The Student
 – It is time to pass on.

Hi My name is Artemis Luna Kent, 5th years Hufflepuff Student, and Pure-blood Veela and White Tiger Animagus.

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White Tiger Form -WHite Tiger Form
- Artemis's White Tiger Animagus
 – {{{time}}}

This is My White Tiger Form.

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White Tiger Patronus -White Tiger Patronus
-Artemis's White Tiger Patronus Charm
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This is my White Tiger Patronus Charm.


Bell -Silver Tabby Cat
- Artemis's Familiar
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Snow -Great White Owl
- Artemis's Owl
 – {{{time}}}



Artemis is a Pureblood Veela. Artemis went to Hogwarts and she was sorted in Hufflepuff. she went to the hogwart for 4 years until she is in 5th years. she is 5th years now. She is White Tiger Animagus and have White Tiger Patronus Charm.


Blonde hair and blue eyes.


Sweet and Kind and Amazing and Nice.


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