12 Grimmauld Place12 Grimmauld Place/Archive1Alex Longbottom
Alex Longbottom/RoomAlex and Dianna's FlatAlexander Dean
Amelia LovegoodAngela Lauren McGonnagalArabella Drusilla Black
Ariana d'LuneAriandra BlackArtemisa Luna Kent
Athena June JensenAuorra PrevellAuror Office
Basil OufrankBastet Clea KaneBastet Luperca Black
Bell HartBellatrix LeStrangeCharacters up for Adoption
CinemaCoraline FlameDarcy Bowden
Death Eaters RosterDemitri BeckettDepartment of Magical Law Enforcement
Diagon AlleyDiagon Alley/Archive1Diagon Alley/Eeylops Owl Emporium
Diagon Alley/Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream ParlourDiagon Alley/Flourish and BlottsDiagon Alley/Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions
Diagon Alley/Magical MenagerieDiagon Alley/Ollivanders Wand ShopDiagon Alley/Quality Quidditch Supplies
Diagon Alley/Scribbulus Writing InstrumentsDiagon Alley/Weasleys' Wizard WheezesDiana Jensen
Diana Lana PrinceDiana MelroseDraco Malfoy
Ella PrinceFreyja JensenGeneral Roleplay: 12 Grimmauld Place/Archive2
Getting Started GuideGodric's HollowGodric's Hollow/Bathilda Bagshot's home
Godric's Hollow/GraveyardGodric's Hollow/Potter MemorialGodric's Hollow/Potter cottage
Gringotts Wizarding BankGwen LovegoodGweneneive Marissa Taylor
HarryHead Master's OfficeHera Maddox
Hogsmeade VillageHogwarts CastleHome
IIsabelle LovegoodIsla D'FontaIvy Bell
Ivy Snape's animal rp cherriesJanna KyleJohn Scott
Jordyn KasemirJuliana StantonKat Von D
Katy and Ella PrinceLanna Isabell LangLittle Hangleton Graveyard
Little Hangleton Graveyard/Archive1Lucius MalfoyMeeka DeVil
Meet Quidditch Star Viktor Krum at Glen Eyrie Castle Exclusive BanquetMinister for Magic and Support StaffMinister of Magic's Office
Minister of Magic's Office/Archive1Ministry of Magic AtriumMinistry of Magic Atrium/Archive1
Miranda DawnNarcissa MalfoyNedra Clark
Odessia GisselieOswin LovegoodPrimrose Delacour
Riddle HouseRiddle House/Archive1Riddle House/Archive2
Ryan DarkSabrina DarkSami Wesley
Severus SnapeSherlock GinsbergSpinner's End
Spinner's End/Archive1The Dawn MansionThe Order of the Phoenix Roster
Time ZonesToby LestrangeTom Riddle
Veronica DouleurVote:StorylineWord Bubbles Guide
Xanthe Huntingdon

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